PowerPlus FAQ

PowerPlus FAQ


  • In order to ensure the safety and security of our campers, Pineywoods implemented a NO VISITOR POLICY DURING ALL SUMMER CAMPS. (effective 3/22/18)
  • The Pineywoods Board of Trustees felt it necessary that we implement this policy because of unpredictable violent events against innocents in our country and in our churches.
  • We have historically enjoyed a family-like atmosphere and could welcome anyone to campus; however, just as our schools and churches are tightening protocols and increasing security, we have to do the same.
  • Guests are limited to church pastoral staff members of attending churches who are required to do the following:
    1. Pre-arrange their arrival on campus
    2. Check in at the camp office with their driver license
    3. Have approved criminal/sex offender background checks on file
    4. Wear a nametag while on campus
  • Church pastoral staff members can see their group during business hours – 8 AM to 5PM.
  • Parents, family, friends, etc. are not permitted as guests “with” pastoral staff members.


For the past several years the camp sessions have filled up very rapidly. Within 6 weeks all 6 sessions are usually full and reservations closed.
  • Within the first two weeks, 2 of the 4 youth camps and one of the two preteen camps usually fill up.
  • In 2018, one session of youth camp filled up on the first day!
  • 4 of the 6 sessions are usually full by the end of January.
  • All 6 sessions are usually full by mid-February.

We cannot predict which sessions will fill up first nor when they will fill up.

The reservation requires two things: (1) The number of spots you need for the students & adults in your group and (2) a $50 per person non-refundable deposit.

Our recommendation: BEFORE THE NEW YEAR, prepare to make your reservation on January 2nd or the days following. The method of preparation is different for every church.

Yes. As of 2017, the $50 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to the balance owed. It is forfeited when a reservation is not filled or when a church group cancels.
In short the reason is twofold:
  1. Fewer students have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and respond to it when reservations are made and not filled. Padded reservations have prevented entire churches from attending camp in recent years.
  2. The camp incurs significant cost when preparations for camp are made based on reservations that are not the reality. Staff is hired, facilities are prepared, and resources are committed based on the expected attendance.
Our goal is to maximize camp ministry in every way.  We ask churches to be realistic from the start, to make a realistic number of reservations for the benefit of all.  PowerPlus and Pineywoods ask for a small financial commitment for each reservation in January.  When a reservation is not filled one month prior to camp, only the initial $50 reservation deposit is forfeited.  We are partners—the camp and churches—and we desire to work together to get as many students to camp as possible.
  • We will not have a waiting list for additions.  In the reservation phase we only have numbers for groups. Until the Registration Deadline when individuals fill those spots we cannot determine availability for additions.
  • Each church should work their own waiting list from January until the Registration Deadline.  It is our experience that changes that affect your numbers--drops and additions-- occur January through May/June.  Often spots added early in the year are not ultimately filled.
  • If, at the Registration Deadline, your group needs more spots than were reserved, the group leader should SEND AN EMAIL THE WEEK OF THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE specifying how many more spots are needed.
  • Our office will be in touch with you AS SOON AS IS POSSIBLE to let you know if the additions can be made.
  • It could take up to 3 or 4 business days AFTER the deadline for us to know if spots have opened up for your additions. We will work in your waiting list additions in the order that we are notified of your need for them.
  • Please be assured that we do our very best to register every student desiring to attend camp with a registered church.  Please also know that because we are not adding new churches to full camp sessions, usually the drops in some churches allow for the additions in other churches.  We just cannot guarantee additional spots until the week after the Registration Deadline when actual people are registered for camp.
Yes, every registered person at camp is a camper and pays the stated camp cost for the session.
No, it is a portion of the total camp cost. It is not an additional cost.

No. Reservations only hold spots for your group until the registration deadline. At that time, unfilled reservations are automatically released.

Then, the total number in your group is the number of complete registrations. A complete individual registration requires both the online registration and the total payment.

The deposit is always non-refundable. Further forfeiture depends on when a cancellation occurs. Refer to the cancellation questions below or the registration policy for further details.
Yes. Sponsors can split the week if it is absolutely necessary. A fee of $15 is required for the addition of another person.
No. Younger children cannot stay in the dorms with campers, and sponsors are required to stay in the dorms with their students.


No, we do not accept checks from individuals.
Refund checks are issued during the camp session and are usually available the afternoon of the last full day of camp (the day before your departure day).


Yes, the $50 per person deposit is non-refundable when a church chooses to cancel and not attend camp.
The refund and forfeit amounts are dictated by the cancellation date. Refer to the refund schedule at the bottom of the registration page for the amounts.


All campers, adults and students, must be registered in our online registration system before coming to camp. There is no registration paperwork; however, any person bringing medications to camp will need to bring a Medication Form to camp with their medications. In addition, every adult (18 & older) must submit the required adult paperwork.
By law all persons 18 and older attending retreats or summer camps lasting three or more nights must do the following:
  1. Submit printed copies of results from national criminal and national sex offender background checks for the current year.
  2. Complete a state-approved training and examination program on sexual abuse and child molestation and submit a valid certificate of completion.
  3. Provide a character and integrity reference (Pastor Reference).
Complete details and links to documents are provided at pineywoodscamp.com/requirements-for-adults/.
No. The state Health Inspector scrutinizes our files and forms each time he/she inspects Pineywoods. Because the camp is subject to requirements by law, our staff has to review all of the paperwork in order to ensure we remain in compliance with the state's youth camp rules. After the paperwork is reviewed by our staff, the group leader is notified if any portion of the requirements is not met. Requiring paperwork two weeks prior to camp gives us almost that much time to get missing forms and sometimes correct/replace paperwork.
No. The background checks must be for the current year. They must be run annually. Background Check FAQ


No. Pineywoods makes all lodging assignments based on numbers and cannot take requests for specific assignments.
No. During summer camp ALL STUDENTS AND SPONSORS are housed in dorm-style accommodations and grouped together by church.
No. Only registered campers (sponsors, students, program leadership, and camp staff) are allowed to stay overnight during summer camp.
Churches are grouped together in dorms unless a church’s girls or boys fill up a dorm. On average, the dorms sleep 20 each.


  • Adults/Sponsors who attend camp with their students are an integral part of the camp program.  Sponsors lead their group and are active participants throughout the camp session.  Sponsors maintain order in their group and make sure students follow rules and follow the schedule.  Sponsors have the opportunity to invest in the lives of students and reflect Christ in every situation.
  • At PRETEEN camp, Sponsors also teach the Bible stories, lead the Bedtime Dorm Devotions, and motivate and/or encourage their students during recreation.  Material is provided for the stories and devotions.  One or two representatives from each church are expected to attend the Sponsor Meeting each morning to prepare for the day.
  • At YOUTH camp, Sponsors also assist with recreation and/or lead a small group in discussion and application of the material presented during the Master Teaching Time in their Power Group.  Sponsors lead and/or participate in the Breakout session each afternoon of camp.  Talkback questions for small groups and Breakout material are provided.  Sponsors are expected to attend the Sponsor Meeting each morning to prepare for the day.
Check-in is just that, checking in your group. Expect the following:
  • Verify your numbers (total number, # females, # males)
  • Discuss all changes to your registration
  • Discuss late arrivals and/or early departures
  • Pay your camp balance
  • Turn in medications
  • Receive program materials and facility assignments
Medications are turned in at check-in upon arrival at camp.  Go to pineywoodscamp.com/medications/ for complete details regarding medication rules and preparation.
Pineywoods encourages campers to experience the entire camp session with their group, beginning to end, and to participate in all scheduled camp sessions/activities. Once at camp, no student is allowed to leave campus for any reason without written consent to leave from his/her parent or legal guardian.
  • A Student Check-Out Authorization form must be filed in the Camp Office prior to the expected departure, and it must specify who is authorized to pick up the student.
  • The form is required if a student has to leave for any reason prior to camp dismissal on the last day.
  • The form is required even if a student is simply leaving early separate from the group.
  • No one under the age of 21 can pick up a student from camp.
  • Boyfriends/Girlfriends, no matter their age, are not permitted to pick up a student.
  • No student will be released without the presentation of a photo ID by the person picking him/her up.

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