Medication Rules & Guidelines (updated 5/3/17)

  • ALL medication (prescription, non-prescription, vitamins, supplements, etc.) must be checked in with the Camp Medic upon arrival at camp.
  • Sponsors are required to turn in their medications the same as students.
  • All medication must be stored securely and dispensed from the First Aid Station.
  • Medication is not allowed in the dorms.
  • Campers are not allowed to share any medication belonging to them with any other camper.
  • Maintenance inhalers must be checked in with the Camp Medic.
  • Medications needed for immediate use for life-threatening conditions (i.e. rescue inhalers and EpiPens) must be checked in with the Camp Medic unless the camper’s doctor requires him/her to keep it on his/her person at all times.  The camper must have a written statement of medical necessity from the prescribing doctor for the camper to carry it.  The camper is responsible for his/her own medication and may only give it to his/her sponsor to hold (not a fellow student camper).
  • Consent & Medical Release Forms must accurately reflect the medication(s) turned in at camp.
  • At children’s camp, a child must be accompanied by a Sponsor when he/she goes to the designated First Aid area.

Medication Preparation

  • Prescription medication must be in the original container with the prescription label showing the correct dosage.
  • Non-prescription medication, including but not limited to over-the-counter medications, vitamins, supplements, etc., must be in the original container.
  • Each camper should put his/her medication(s) in a Ziploc bag with his/her name and church name on it.
  • Do not bring pill boxes/organizers to camp.

Recommended Process for Group Leaders

  • Medications listed on the Consent & Medical Release Form must exactly match the medication(s) brought to camp.
  • Check in camper medications at your church before you depart for camp.
  • Ask students and parents if medication(s) or information has changed since they submitted their Consent & Medical Release Form online.  Have them submit an entirely new Consent & Medical Release Form or an Addendum if medical condition/history, allergies, or medications have changed.
  • Put medications in Ziploc bags as directed above.
  • The Camp Medic will check the medications against the forms on the first day of camp.  Please understand that if you do not address discrepancies while you have parents present it will be very difficult to address them at camp when parents are possibly hours away.
  • Inform Check-In Staff if updated forms have been submitted.


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