Summer Camp Meals

Meals at Pineywoods are served cafeteria-style in the Dining Hall. As campers proceed through the serving line they can accept or decline any portion of the meal. In general, two or three hot food items are served at every meal as well as other self-serve options.

Fruit, yogurt, and cereal are available each morning. A full salad bar is offered during every lunch and supper.

Our kitchen uses nuts, products containing wheat or gluten, eggs, dairy products, and other ingredients that contain allergens. We understand that this can be a medical issue, therefore we will post the menu for each camp on this page no later than two business days prior to the first day of camp for review and consideration by concerned campers/parents.

A camper with a food allergy that medically necessitates a special diet is more than welcome to bring his/her own PREPARED food to camp if, after reviewing the menu, it is determined that he/she cannot eat some or all of the meals provided. Camp Staff will be glad to assist with storage and re-heating of prepared food but cannot prepare special meals for campers during their stay.

Depending on the need and the size of the camp one or two mobile food trailers are also utilized to serve meals:

  • The Taqueria serves an alternate hot food option with bottled water.
  • The Pizzeria serves Cheese Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza with bottled water and cookies during lunches and suppers.

Have questions or need further information? Call the Pineywoods Office (936.642.1723).