Retreats FAQ

Do you book retreats in the summer?

No. We do not book any retreats during our Summer Camp season, June 1 – August 15.

Retreats are booked mid-August – May.

Who can book a retreat at Pineywoods?

We only host groups. Christian church groups, civic groups, and school groups can book retreats.

Individuals and families cannot book retreats.

Do you host family reunions?

No, we do not host family reunions.

Is Pineywoods a wedding venue?

No, we are not a wedding venue. We do not host weddings or wedding receptions.

Is a church family retreat the same as a family reunion/retreat?

No. A church family retreat is when a church wants to have a retreat for entire families (parents & children) in their church, not just the men or the women or the children or youth apart from the rest of their immediate family. It is a church group, not an extended family group.

We will be in the area or passing through and need a place to stay overnight. Do you have accommodations for rent?

We do not. We book groups–Christian church groups, civic groups, and school groups. We do not rent facilities to individuals or families.

Do you allow pets?

No, we do not. Pets are not allowed on the camp. Pet owners must make other arrangements before coming to Pineywoods.

Where can I find retreat information?

Start on this webpage to find all our information about retreats: Links are provided to facility information & pictures, facility details in PDF format, current lodging & meal rates, current recreation rates & scheduling information, meal information, camp rules, and a camp map.

Is there a minimum size for a retreat?

We host a variety of groups, from a church staff group of very few individuals to large retreats comprised of several church groups.

Can we reserve specific facilities for our retreat?

We try to accommodate requests for specific facilities; however, we must take into account the needs of all contracted groups for a particular date and most efficiently and effectively manage the facilities.

We need a meeting space for our whole group at our retreat. Is there an extra charge for that?

No. ONE meeting space that will accommodate your group size will be provided at no additional cost. The only exception is the Tabernacle; there is always a fee for using the Tabernacle.

We want more than one meeting space at our retreat (i.e. for small groups, breakouts, etc.). Is that possible?

There are additional charges (1) if you desire a larger than adequate meeting space or (2) for additional meeting space(s). Meeting space fees are shown listed with the lodging/meal rates.

We want our meeting space(s) set up a certain way. How is that handled?

You receive a Request Form via email with your Reservation Contract. Note on the Request Form how you want chairs and/or tables arranged as well as any other special requests. We set the room up prior to your arrival.

Are meals served in the Dining Hall at set times?

Yes, meals are served at the same time each day.

  • Breakfast is served at 8:00 am.
  • Lunch is served at 12:00 pm.
  • Supper (AKA Dinner) is served at 5:30.
Our group wants to cook some or all of our own meals. Can we do that?

If available, some of our conference spaces have full kitchens with one stove and one refrigerator. This does allow you to prepare your own meals. The kitchens ARE NOT STOCKED with pots, pans, dinnerware, or flatware. You must bring everything you need to prepare and serve your own meals.

How do we plan activities and recreation for our retreat?

You receive a Request Form via email with your Reservation Contract. Note on the Request Form the desired day of week and time that you would like for the activities to happen. The Reservations Secretary will confirm those requests with you or let you know what adjustments are necessary.

Can we just decide on activities and recreation at the retreat?

Some activities are available at all times (i.e. volleyball, gaga ball, fishing, etc.); however, many activities must be scheduled PRIOR to your arrival. Some of them are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Click the following link for further details:

What is required for a confirmed retreat reservation?
  1. Signed and initialed two-page Reservation Contract
  2. Deposit payment
How do I find out if you have availability for our group?

Fill out a BRIEF online form to check Pineywoods’ availability for your retreat. Go to and click the CHECK DATE AVAILABILITY button.

How soon after filling out the form will I hear from someone about availability for my group?

You will be sent an email response from the Reservations Secretary within one business day.

Does my group have reservations after I submit the CHECK DATE AVAILABILITY form?

No, the form is only the first step in booking a reservation. Further details must be addressed once date availability is confirmed. The reservation is secure only upon receipt of a signed contract and the required deposit.

The CHECK DATE AVAILABILITY form doesn’t ask about meals and recreation, but my group is interested in one or both of them. Where/when do we make those arrangements?

After date availability is confirmed for your group you will receive via email from the Reservations Secretary a link to a subsequent form to confirm your date & booking #. Using this form you will also give us the other required contract data, specify meal information, and let us know the recreation you are interested in during your retreat.

What is the deposit amount for a retreat reservation?

A reservation/damage deposit of $300 or $2 per person, whichever is greater, is required for a retreat.

Can I pay the deposit with a credit card?

Payment options are check, cash, or money order. We do not accept credit card or electronic check payments.

Is the deposit credited toward my payment?

No, the deposit is a reservation/damage deposit. It secures your reservation AND is held until facilities are accessed for damages and/or excessive filth after your retreat.

The deposit is returned AFTER your retreat.

Do I get my deposit back if I have to cancel my retreat?

No. The reservation/damage deposit is forfeited regardless of notice.

Where can I find the rates for retreats?

Links to current rates are found on this web page: Rates are divided into 2 categories, church groups and non-church groups. There are separate links for lodging/meal rates and recreation rates.

Are discounts available for retreats?

Supporting ownership churches, Christian college groups, and Christian school groups qualify for a discount. The adjusted rate will be applied to lodging and meals at the time of payment.

Can I pay for my retreat with a credit card?

Payment options are check, cash, or money order. We do not accept credit card or electronic check payments.

How do I find out the total cost for my retreat?

Utilizing the provided rates at and the information about your group you calculate the total cost based upon the following:

  • Bunkhouse and dorm rates are per person per night.
  • Private room rates are per night (minimums are required regardless of occupancy).
  • Meal rate is per meal.
  • Additional fees for meeting spaces, activities, or recreation.
What happens if my actual total number is significantly less than my contracted total number?

You are required to pay the lodging and meal cost for 75% of the contracted total number plus the fees for recreation, meeting spaces, and other services provided for the actual number of participants.

For example, you contract for 100 people but only 65 attend. Your required payment due at the retreat will be the lodging and meal cost for 75 people PLUS recreation costs for 65 (or the number of participants), meeting space fees, and any other services provided at your retreat.

What is the payment process?
  1. Payment is required at the retreat. Prior to your arrival date, Pineywoods will email your invoice reflecting the amount due at the retreat.
  2. AT THE RETREAT you will give the Retreat Coordinator the facts of your retreat using an invoice/lodging worksheet that will be provided to you when you arrive.
  3. AT THE RETREAT you will submit payment to your Pineywoods Retreat Coordinator.
  4. After the retreat (usually Monday or Tuesday), Pineywoods will work up a final statement or invoice for your retreat and email it to you.
  5. If you have an outstanding balance, payment is due within 10 days of your receipt of the invoice.

*** Medical registration & adult paperwork are required for CHILDREN & YOUTH Retreats lasting 3 or more nights. ***

*** CHILDREN & YOUTH Retreats lasting 3 or more nights must have one or two Camp Medic(s), as directed by the management of Pineywoods, on call at all times. ***

What paperwork is required?
  1. ONLINE MEDICAL REGISTRATION in our system is required for EVERY PERSON (all ages — infant to adult) before coming to camp.
  2. EVERY ADULT (18 & older) must submit the required adult paperwork.
How does our group register?

Prior to the retreat your group’s unique medical registration link will be emailed to the group leader. The leader must share the link with parents of minors, students 18 & older, and all other adults coming to camp.

With what device(s) can I register online?

A smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.

Who can submit the Medical Registration?
  1. Minors (age 17 & under) must be registered by their parent. Each parent must create his/her account with his/her information, not the child’s information.
  2. Each adult (age 18 & older, including 18 year old students) must register him- or herself. He/she must create or log into his/her own account.
  3. NOTE: Spouses cannot register each other.
  4. NOTE: 18 year old students must register themselves.
  5. NOTE: Accounts cannot be shared.
As the group leader, how will I know who has/has not registered?
  • You will know the real-time status of your group’s registration using the church roster/report.
  • The church roster/report shows who is and who is not registered and the person who registered the participant.
  • Church Roster/Report
    1. Click here to begin.
    2. Log in.
    3. Click the Select button next to your retreat event.
    4. Click More Info.
    5. Click the Reports button.
    6. In the middle of the pop-up, click “Select Report…” to select the report for your group.
    7. Click Print (just below the report name).
    8. NOTE: You do not have to count each row to determine how many people have registered. Hover your mouse over the rows of data. A gray box will appear in the upper left corner telling you the number of rows (i.e. the number of participants).
What are the adult paperwork requirements?

By law all persons 18 and older attending retreats or summer camps lasting three or more nights must do the following in addition to submitting the online medical registration:

  1. Submit printed copies of results from national criminal and national sex offender background checks for the current year.
  2. Complete a state-approved training and examination program on sexual abuse and child molestation and submit a valid certificate of completion.
  3. Provide a character and integrity reference.

Complete details and links to documents are provided at

When is the paperwork due?

Both Medical Registration and the adult paperwork are required by Pineywoods NO LATER THAN ONE WEEK PRIOR to your arrival.

I ran background checks for some of my adults last year. Can I just use those this year?

No. The background checks must be for the current year. They must be run annually.

Background Check FAQ