Mail the following paperwork to Pineywoods:

  • Background Checks (NATIONAL criminal and NATIONAL sex offender FOR THIS YEAR)
  • Child Protection Training (CPT) Certificate of Completion
  • Pastor Reference
1. Perform both a NATIONAL criminal and NATIONAL sex offender background check on each adult and print the results.

Run background checks every year. Searches must be national, not limited to the person’s state of residence. Print results reports.

  • Background checks are required for 18 year old students.
  • Reports must show the search criteria and the complete results.
  • Search for each name used throughout the person’s life.
  • Background checks must be FOR THE CURRENT YEAR.
  • Searches must be NATIONAL searches.
  • Both a criminal and a sex offender search are required.
  • Background Check FAQ

Options to meet this requirement:

  1. Use your own search provider and mail us the hard copy results reports OR
  2. Pay Pineywoods $5 per person to run the background checks. For this option, a legible, fully complete and signed Consent for Background Check is required for each person.

2. Have adults view the CPT Video and take the exam.

Use the manual as an additional resource for training, to accompany the video, or as needed as a reference.

  • CPT is not required for 18 year old students.
  • The training is good for two years, but Pineywoods encourages you to do it EVERY year to keep the information, warning signs, and other protective measures at the forefront of every adult’s mind.
  • You must keep copies of CPT Certificates if you want to use them for two years.
  • You must mail Pineywoods the copy the second year.

3. Grade the exams and generate a CPT Certificate for each person.

The answer key for the CPT exam is password protected. The password is provided to group leaders. Each person must score a minimum of 70% on the exam in order to serve at camp.

4. Complete a Pastor Reference Form for the adults in your group.

List every adult on the form. The form must be signed and dated by the church pastor, youth minister, or other member of the ministerial staff. The reference is not required for 18 year old students.

5. MAIL all of the required paperwork to Pineywoods.

USPS — PO Box 133, Woodlake, TX 75865

UPS, FedEx, etc. — 6272 East US Hwy 287, Woodlake, TX 75865

Further Details

  • Pineywoods is licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of State Health Services.
  • Unlike churches that support and attend retreats and/or camps at Pineywoods, we are inspected by the State and must comply with regulations to maintain our camp license and to continue to operate and serve.
  • Training and paperwork requirements are mandated by The Youth Camp Safety and Health Act and the Youth Camp Rules governing all resident youth camps in the state of Texas.
  • These measures are required by law for each adult coming to camp (including ministers). This program is required to ensure the safety and welfare of children and youth in today’s society. Please be thorough in your church’s compliance with these measures.
  • Child Protection Training (CPT) is a state-approved sexual abuse and child molestation awareness training.
  • We ask you to take every possible step to verify that the adults coming to camp with your group are who they say they are and that they are above reproach with our children and youth.
  • Required paperwork for all adults (including ministers) must be mailed and received by Pineywoods BEFORE the adults arrive and assume responsibilities at camp.
  • Any monetary fines imposed upon Pineywoods due to the lack of compliance by a particular group will be passed on to the errant church or organization.