PowerPlus Youth Camp Glossary

PowerPlus Youth Camp Glossary15powerplus_camps

  • Breakout Group – This is your church group meeting together to discuss and work through provided Breakout activities.
  • Breakout Group Time – This is a time of “real life” application of material discussed during the Power Group. Students and Sponsors will meet in their church groups at their assigned location. This is NOT free time or just another recreation time. Breakout material is provided by PowerPlus.
  • Check-In – Upon arrival, the group leader must check in at the designated Check-In location. Your list of campers will be compared to camp records and all necessary changes will be made. You will pay your final balance and receive lodging assignments, individual nametags, and other program items. Please instruct ALL students to remain outside the building.
  • Church Group Time – Your church will be assigned a meeting place according to your group size, as much as possible. You will be informed of this location during Check-In. After Worship each evening, your church group will meet in your assigned location to debrief from the worship service; this is not a time to “reproach” the message, but a time for processing. Most decisions made at PowerPlus are made during this time.
  • Free Time/Recreation – Students and Sponsors will have the opportunity to participate in Tournament Recreation each morning. The pool, lake, pedal cars, giant swing, climbing tower, and adventure park will also be available during this time.
  • Master Teaching Time – In-depth Bible Study during grade-level Power Group lead by the Shepherd.
  • Missions Track – It is a Power Group available to 9th-12th grade students focused on learning about missions while incorporating the camp theme material. Missions Track students will attend the Missions Track Power Group instead of their grade-level Power Group and will participate in a mission project on Thursday as part of their missions training.
  • Morning Devotion – Students and Sponsors are to make time each day to spend alone with God.  Morning Devotion guides will be provided in the Student and Sponsor Books.
  • Out Group – PowerPlus Camp offers a unique Power Group for seniors graduating in the months just prior to camp. Graduates are heading out of the student ministry and into the next chapter of their lives. Some will head off to college, some into vocational careers. The objective for this Power Group is to prepare them for the new chapter in their lives, to provide them the transitional camp experience that will better equip them for the future. Out Group students will be led by College/University Student Ministry directors and will follow the same schedule and structure as the rest of the camp.
  • Power Group – A Power Group is a grade-level Bible Study group.  A Student’s Power Group is determined by the grade he/she will be going into in the fall. Meeting locations for Power Groups will be posted on the doors of the Tabernacle and distributed to Sponsors.
  • Power Group Time – Power Group Time is designed for in-depth Bible Study in a large group. The large group is then broken down into Small Groups for discussion and application of study. The Shepherd, The Leader Coordinator (TLC), and Small Group Leaders will staff each Power Group.
  • Recreation Blow Out – Recreation Blow Out is a time of recreation that will occur after Worship on Monday night. Everyone must be at the recreation field during this time. Restroom facilities are located in this area so there is no need to go back to dorms. Neither Students nor Sponsors will be allowed in dorms at this time. Dorm areas will be patrolled by PowerPlus staff.
  • Shepherd – Master Bible teacher in the Power Group.
  • Small Group – Students will be separated into groups of 11-13 people during the Power Group times. These groups are for discussion and application of the material presented during the Master Teaching Time of the Power Group.
  • Small Group Leader – Each adult Sponsor will have an opportunity to serve as a Small Group Leader and facilitate discussion/application of the Power Group Bible teaching using questions provided by PowerPlus.  Each small group of students will have two leaders. Small Group Leaders that serve in the Missions Power Group will need to possess specific skills as presented during Sponsor Orientation.
  • Sponsor Orientation – All Sponsors will meet in Hyde Hall on the first day of camp. THIS IS A MANDATORY MEETING. Camp rules and expectations for the week will be addressed, as well as details for Small Groups and other areas of responsibility. Small Group Leaders will be assigned during this time.
  • Student Orientation – All Students will meet in the Tabernacle on the first day of camp. THIS IS A MANDATORY MEETING. Camp rules and expectations for the week will be addressed. Additionally, there will be a special event during this time.
  • The Leader Coordinator (TLC) – The Leader Coordinator works within the Power Group to coordinate between the Shepherd and Small Group Leaders. The Leader Coordinator will have a master list for the Small Groups and manage the group assignments as changes occur.
  • Tournament Recreation – Church groups and individuals have the opportunity to sign up for recreation tournaments on the first day of camp. Brackets will be posted in the dining hall area by breakfast on Tuesday.
  • Worship – Worship is a time of music and preaching by the Camp Pastor. An offering to fund missions will be taken each session.

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