Pineywoods Girls Camp: Tips for new sponsors

  1. Bring a laundry basket or large tub for the pool. You can use it to put all the girls towels and cover ups in while they are at the pool so they don’t end up on the ground all over the place and get lost.
  2. Tell parents to put their girl’s name on EVERYTHING, and only send older clothes that they wouldn’t be too upset about losing.
  3. If moms are really worried about what the girls wear each day, they can pack each outfit in a gallon-sized baggie.  At the end of the day their girl can put what she wore back in the baggie to keep up with her dirty clothes.
  4. Pre-plan theme days with your girls.
  5. Bring plenty of water and make sure the girls drink water throughout the day.
  6. Bring the list of tshirt sizes that girls sent in for the camp shirt. We will have the shirts for you and sharpies so that you can write their names in them.
  7. Cheap flip flops don’t do so well at camp, there are lots of roots and rocks. Tell girls to bring tennis shoes or better flip flops/sandals.
  8. Keep offering and spending money for each girl in an envelope for each day, otherwise they might spend all their money on Monday.