Over the Edge Preteen Camp FAQ

  1. Who do we make the checks out to? Please make checks payable to “OVER THE EDGE PRETEEN CAMP.”
  2. When is the total balance due? The balance for your church is due when you arrive at camp.
  3. Are payments refundable? Individual registrations canceled by the Registration Deadline will avoid a forfeit.  Individual registrations canceled after the Registration Deadline will forfeit the 1st and 2nd payments.
  4. When will we receive camp information and small group curriculum? Go to otecamp.com for general camp information.  Go to pineywoodscamp.com/ote-registration for registration details.  The small group curriculum will be sent to your church contact person no later than three weeks before camp begins.
  5. Can our church pick the dorms we stay in? Pineywoods makes all lodging assignments based on numbers and cannot take requests for specific assignments.
  6. Can teens be sponsors or junior sponsors? NO, BY STATE LAW ALL SPONSORS MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD.  We do not have junior sponsors.
  7. Can we switch sponsors in the middle of the week? You can change out sponsors if it is absolutely necessary. A fee of $15 is required for the addition of another person.  Children thrive on consistency and camp is about helping kids know the one true God.  Kids need sponsors at camp that will love and connect with them all week long.
  8. Can sponsors bring their younger children to camp? The only children allowed at camp are children that have completed 3rd- 6th A sponsor’s main focus at camp is ministering to preteens; they cannot do that and care for younger children.
  9. Are there motel rooms that sponsors can stay in? Motel rooms are reserved for camp staff and guest speakers. There are not motel rooms for sponsors, church personnel, or senior pastors.
  10. A camper has a food allergy. Where can I get information about meals at camp?  Go to pineywoodscamp.com/summer-camp-meals/ for details about meals and menus at Pineywoods.
  11. Can we add kids to our group at the last minute? You can make last-minute changes to your group.  See pineywoodscamp.com/ote-individual-registration/ for more information.  Please understand that last-minute additions (child or sponsor) may not get a t-shirt. This may be the case for last-minute substitutions as well if the dropped camper and the replacement wear different sizes.
  12. What is the Mega Challenge? Each student will be given a packet of verses to memorize. They can pick and choose which verse(s) they want to work on. For each verse they say to their sponsor they can get Mega Challenge ticket(s).  Verses are worth a certain number of tickets.  Mega Challenge tickets are turned in to the Mega Challenge bucket on the stage.  During the week, drawings take place and students can receive prizes for their tickets.
  13. What is the Quiet Time? Students are given a chance to take time out to do the student devotion in their student book for that day in their cabin. This is a great opportunity for the campers to learn how to have their own time with God. Sponsors will need to encourage their students to take time to do this and be in the cabin with them.
  14. Are visitors allowed at camp? Visitors are strongly discouraged.  All persons who are not registered campers must be cleared through the Camp Office upon arrival at camp.  Go to pineywoodscamp.com/summer-camp-visitors/ for details about protocols, including the cost and required paperwork for all persons 18 and older.  PLEASE MAKE THIS KNOWN TO YOUR CHURCH GROUP.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

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