Over the Edge Preteen Camp Registration

2017 Over the Edge Preteen Camp Registration

1 July 29-August 2 (Sat-Wed) June 30 July 13
2 August 3-7 (Thurs-Mon) June 30 July 13
Church reservations open February 1st each year.
Online Church Reservations are required.



  • Make 3 payments for camp.
  • The 1st payment is $50 per person.
  • The 2nd payment is $105 per person on or before the Registration Deadline.
  • The 2nd payment is $125 per person after the Registration Deadline for approved additions.
  • The 3rd and final payment is $100 per person.
  • Make Church Reservations online & mail 1st payment beginning February 1st.
  • Submit Individual Registrations online & mail 2nd payment on or before Registration Deadline.
  • Submit ALL individual forms & Adult Paperwork 2 weeks before camp.
  • Make 3rd payment at check-in on the first day of camp.

Over the Edge Preteen Camp FAQ


  1. Make your Church Reservation online using the Over the Edge Preteen Camp Reservation Form (provided the session is not full or in limited availability status).
  2. Immediately mail $50 per person (students and sponsors) to Pineywoods with an OTE Camp Payment Form, with a printed copy of your online reservation submission, or with a copy of your submission email.
  3. Upon receipt of your reservation payment Pineywoods will send you a confirmation email with password information for registering the individuals in your group.
  5. Register the individuals in your group online AND postmark your second payment on or before the Registration Deadline. Register every individual (students and sponsors) using Over the Edge Preteen Camp Individual Registration. Mail your payment with a OTE Camp Payment Form.
  6. Upon receipt of your individual registration entries AND second payment an email confirmation with church summary will be sent to you.
  7. Have parents/sponsors submit Medical Releases ONLINE for every person coming to camp AND mail the required Adult Paperwork on or before the Forms/Paperwork DeadlineThe Medical Release will be available on JUNE 16th.  In order for medical information to be accurate it must be current, therefore the Medical Release will not be available until the stated date.  See the Adult Requirements Webpage for details about the training and paperwork for all adults at camp.
  8. The remaining $100 per person payment is due no later than check-in on the first day of camp.

2017 OTE Preteen Camp Consent & Med Release Form


  • The total Camp Cost is $255 for persons registered on or before the Registration Deadline.
  • The total Camp Cost is $275 for persons registered after the Registration Deadline.
  • You must have one adult sponsor (18 years old or older) for every 8 students (same gender).
  • Camps are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • ONLINE CHURCH RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Reservations open February 1st each year.
  • A Church Reservation MUST include the required sponsors and the students expecting to attend camp. A church cannot make reservations for their students then add their sponsors later.
  • Your Church Reservation will be released if a minimum of $50 per person is not received within 7 days of the online reservation entry.
  • Additions after the Registration Deadline are based on space availability and must be approved. Such additions are not guaranteed a camp T-shirt.
  • Additions after the Registration Deadline must pay both the 1st & 2nd payments to secure their spots.
  • The Medical Release IS NOT a liability release for churches and cannot be used as such.
  • The Medical Release is submitted online. The group leader must provide parents of minor students, students 18 & older, and sponsors with the password to access the Medical Release.
  • The group leader must require that Medical Releases be submitted on or before the Forms/Paperwork Deadline.
  • The group leader will be provided a registration summary that lists outstanding Medical Releases and paperwork for their group.
  • The group leader cannot allow anyone to travel to camp without prior online submission of the Medical Release.
  • Minor students that arrive at camp without a Medical Release on record CANNOT ATTEND CAMP AND WILL BE REQUIRED TO RETURN HOME IMMEDIATELY AT THE CHURCH’S EXPENSE.

Payment Information:

Send only one church check per group payment. Make check payable to “OVER THE EDGE PRETEEN CAMP.”  Send each payment with a completed OTE Camp Payment Form.  We do not accept personal checks, credit card payments, or electronic check payments.

Mailing Address:
Over the Edge Preteen Camp
Pineywoods Camp
PO Box 133
Woodlake, TX 75865

Registration Policy:

  • Church reservation payments are non-refundable if a church chooses to cancel and not attend camp.
  • Church reservations are not held after the Registration Deadline.
  • A complete individual registration requires the 1st and 2nd payments AND the online registration submission.
  • Spots are not held for incomplete individual registrations.
  • Individual registrations canceled by the Registration Deadline will avoid a forfeit.
  • Individual registrations canceled after the Registration Deadline will forfeit the 1st and 2nd payments.
  • 1st and 2nd payments are transferable to another individual registration, but not to the final payment.

General Camp Information

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