AIM Boys Camp Registration

2018 AIM Boys Camp Registration

Camp Date:  August 7-11 (Tuesday-Saturday)

Camp Cost:
$255 per student/sponsor ($155 deposit) on or before the Registration Deadline
$280 per student/sponsor ($180 deposit) after the Registration Deadline

Registration Deadline:  July 6, 2018
Forms/Paperwork Deadline:  July 19, 2018

1:10 Sponsor:Student Requirement:  You must have one adult sponsor 18 years old or older for every 10 boys.


Steps to Register:


1. Register your church online (April 1st or after). This is to let Pineywoods know that you plan to attend camp, to give the estimated number in your group, and to give your contact information for later communications.  No payment is required at this point. Church Registration
2. An email will be sent to you when online individual registration is available for entering every person in your group.
3. Prepare for online registration using the Registration Information Sheet (optional). Registration Information Sheet
4. Leader:  Register the individuals in your group online AND postmark your deposit ON OR BEFORE the Registration Deadline.

Individual Registration Camp Payment Form

  • Register every individual coming to camp (students and sponsors).
  • Enter your email address to have each entry emailed to you for your reference/records.
  • You will not be able to see a summary of your entries until your confirmation/summary is emailed to you upon receipt of payment.
  • Mail your payment with a Camp Payment Form.
6. Upon receipt of your individual registration entries AND deposit a confirmation with an attached church summary will be emailed to you.
7. Have parents/sponsors submit Consent & Medical Release Forms ONLINE for every person coming to camp AND mail the required Adult Paperwork on or before the Forms/Paperwork Deadline.

  • In order for medical information to be accurate it must be current, therefore the Consent & Medical Release Form will not be available until a few weeks before camp.
  • The Consent & Medical Release Form will be accessible on the Registration Deadline.
  • The Consent & Medical Release Form must be submitted by the parent or legal guardian of a minor coming or camp or by an adult (18 or older) coming to camp.
  • See the Adult Requirements Webpage for details about the training and paperwork for all adults at camp.

Boys Camp Consent Medical Release Adult Requirements

8. Keep Pineywoods updated with ALL registration changes.

  • You will receive an updated registration summary after your changes are processed.
  • UPDATE:  Use the Update button when you need to modify information for one or more registered individuals.  For persons already listed on your church summary report you can correct a misspelling, modify class choices, or update a grade, shirt size, or age at camp.
  • CANCELLATION:  Use the Cancellation button when you are removing a registered individual from your group and you are not replacing them with another person at the same time.
  • SUBSTITUTION:  Use the Substitution button when you want to drop one registered individual from your group and enter a replacement person at the same time.
  • LATE ADDITION:  First, check availability on the camp web page or by emailing Pineywoods.  Second, mail the required payment with a Camp Payment Form.  Third, use the Late Addition button to send us the individual’s registration information.  Additions are processed after we receive the registration information AND payment.

Update Cancellation Substitution Late Addition

9. The remaining $100 per person payment is due no later than check-in on the first day of camp.

Payment Information:

Send only one church check per group payment. Make check payable to “Pineywoods Camp.”  Send each payment with a completed Camp Payment Form.  We do not accept personal checks, credit card payments, or electronic check payments.

Mailing Address:
AIM Boys Camp
Pineywoods Baptist Encampment
PO Box 133
Woodlake, TX 75865

Registration Policy

  • A complete individual registration includes the total deposit AND the online registration submission.
  • Spots are not held for incomplete individual registrations.
  • Any amount paid above the required deposit will be applied to the balance due.
  • Individual registration cancellations made by the Registration Deadline will avoid a forfeit of the deposit.
  • Individual registration cancellations made after the Registration Deadline and up to two weeks prior to the first day of camp will forfeit 50% of the deposit.
  • Individual registrations canceled during the two weeks prior to or on the first day of camp will forfeit the full deposit.
  • Deposits are transferable to another individual registration, but not to the balance due.

Further Details:

  • The total Camp Cost is $255 for persons registered on or before the Registration Deadline.
  • The total Camp Cost is $280 for persons registered after the Registration Deadline.
  • Additions after the Registration Deadline are not guaranteed a camp T-shirt.
  • An addition after the Registration Deadline must pay the deposit amount to secure his spot.
  • The Consent & Medical Release IS NOT a liability release for churches and cannot be used as such.
  • The Consent & Medical Release Form is submitted online. The group leader must provide parents of minor students and sponsors with the link to access the Consent & Medical Release Form.
  • The group leader must require that Consent & Medical Release Forms be submitted on or before the Forms/Paperwork Deadline.
  • The group leader will receive email notifications when Consent & Medical Release Forms are submitted for their group.
  • The group leader will be provided a registration summary that lists outstanding Consent & Medical Release Forms and paperwork for their group.
  • The group leader cannot allow anyone to travel to camp without prior online submission of the Consent & Medical Release Form.
  • Minor students that arrive at camp without a Consent & Medical Release Form on record CANNOT ATTEND CAMP AND WILL BE REQUIRED TO RETURN HOME IMMEDIATELY AT THE CHURCH’S EXPENSE.

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